The National Organizing Committee 2020

2nd Seaweed for Health


21-24 June, 2020, Galicia, Spain

The National Organizing Committee 2020

Dr. Herminia Domínguez (Spain) is currently Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Ourense (University of Vigo). Her research is focused in the development of multistage processes based on the use of green efficient technologies aimed at the integral utilization of natural renewable resources. In the last years, she has been working on seaweed biorefinery, optimizing the operative conditions for the sequential fractionation of macroalgal biomass to obtain high added value bioactive components with food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications

Dr María Dolores Torres (Spain) was awarded her PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Currently, she has a research position at the University of Vigo (Spain), where is working on the integral valorisation of brown and red algae using environmental friendly technologies to obtain hydrogels and other components of industrial value.


Seaweed for Health Conference

c/o BDP Congress

Bredgade 28

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